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Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual, Volume I (9/2014)
Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual, Volume II (9/2014Local Assistance Bridge Deck Construction Manual
Construction Manual
Construction Quality Assurance Program Manual
Construction Site Best Management Practices Manual
Falsework Manual
Flagging Instruction Handbook
Foundation Manual
Material Plant Quality Program (MPQP)
Prestress Manual
Storm Water Quality Manuals and Handbooks
SWPPP and WPCP Manual (PDF) SWPPP/WPCP Templates
Temporary Pedestrian Facilities Handbook
Trenching and Shoring Manual


Highway Design Manual
Plans Preparation Manual
Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM)
Project Development Workflow Tasks (PDWT)

Standard Plans and Specifications

Engineering Services

Element Inspection
Plans Preparation Manual
Service Directory
Structural Detailing Standards

Engineering Services - Bridge Manuals

Bridge Design Aids
Bridge Design Details
Bridge Design Practice
Bridge Design Specifications
Bridge Memo To Designers
Bridge Standard Detail Sheets (XS Sheets)
Reference Sheets
Seismic Design Criteria
Structural Detailing Standards
Service Directory
Element Inspection
Bridge Strudl Manual
Bridge Computer Manual

Engineering Services - Office Engineer

Ready To List and Construction Contract Award Guide (RTL Guide)

Engineering Services - Office of Special Funded Projects

OSFP Information and Procedures Guide

Engineering Services - Structure Construction

Bridge Deck Construction Manual
Falsework Manual
Foundation Manual
Prestress Manual
Trenching and Shoring Manual
Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual, Volume I (6/30/15)
Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual, Volume II (3/30/15)


Standard Environmental Reference - includes
   Guidelines for Preparation of the Preliminary Environmental Analysis Report.
   Environmental Handbooks

Health and Safety

Safety Manual

Local Assistance

Procedures Manual
LASR-Local Assistance Structure Representative Guidelines (provided by the Division of Construction)
Local Agency Resident Engineer Construction Manual Supplement
Manual for Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Asphalt Concrete
Local Assistance Guidelines
Sample Boiler Plate, Contract Documents


The Maintenance Manual all chapters of Volume 1 in PDF Format
Chain Control Placement Chart (PDF)
Log Of Bridges on State Highways

Project Management

Project Communication Handbook, 2nd ed., September 2007pdf
Project Management Handbook, 5th ed., October 2007 pdf
Project Risk Management Handbook, 2nd ed., May 2007 pdf
Guide to the Project Delivery Workplan Standards, release 10.1, July 1, 2009 pdf - 799 kb)
    Appendix D Outline only (Excel)
    Milestones (Excel)

Right of Way and Land Surveys

Right of Way Manual
Other Right of Way Publications
Surveys Manual

Traffic Operations

Flagging Instruction Handbook
California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CAMUTCD)
HOV Guidelines
Transportation Management Planning (TMP) Guidelines
Transportation Permits Manual
Encroachment Permits Manual

Transportation System Information

Highway Performance Monitoring System Manual and Workbook (PDF)


Local Assistance Forms
State Application for Employment
Adopt-A-Highway permit application (PDF)
Traffic Operations Forms and Accompaniments

Construction Forms Appendix A