California Department of Transportation

Systems and Resource Administration (SARA)

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Office Chief (Acting)

Jordan Leung - (916) 654-4716

About Us

Systems and Resource Administration (SARA) is responsible for all information systems, personnel services, budget planning, and special data projects for the Division of Transportation Programming.


  • What is CTIPS?
    • The CTIPS (California Transportation IMprovement Program System) database is used to support the business of Transportation Programming. CTIPS is used to capture the STIP/TCRP/BOND and SHOPP documents in an automated repository, which would be used to generate FTIP documents and the FSTIP. CTIPS provides a common database shared by Caltrans District Offices, Headquarters, RTPAs, FHWA, and MPOs. Specifically, CTIPS is used by these agencies to manage the programming and allocation of funds for STIP/TCRP/BOND, SHOPP and local projects.
    • For more information or to log into CTIPS, click here

Resource Management

  • Personnel
  • Budgets
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory
  • Space Planning
  • Training