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The Department of Transportation has the discretionary authority to issue special permits for the movement of vehicles/loads exceeding statutory limitations on the size, weight, and loading of vehicles contained in Division 15 of the California Vehicle Code. Requests for such special permits requires the completion of and application for a Transportation Permit.

The Transportation Permits Branch is responsible for the administration of the Transportation Permit program through the uniform issuance of Transportation Permits.

Transportation Permits Office
1823 14th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811-7119
Main number: (916) 322-1297
For information on non-Caltrans permits, such as, trip permits, motor carrier permits, and fuel tax permits, see the purple “Topics” table, Topic #1 “Truck Operations” on the “Legal Truck Access” website.

To Our Industry Partners:
The facility owner is remodeling the Transportation Permits Issuance Branch building.  We are striving to maintain production levels by working with the owner to schedule remodeling work completed outside normal business hours whenever possible.  However, some activities would impact our ability to meet the expected timeframes for issuing oversize/overweight permits.
Carpet replacement has been scheduled for the weekends of November 15-16 and 22-23.  Our ability to issue permits will be severely impacted on the Friday before and Monday following due to packing and moving operations.  Please note the following information regarding this issue:

  • The office fax machines (single trip, STARS, annual, variance and construction liaison) will be turned off at 5 pm on Friday and will be turned on again Monday morning at 9 am.
  • Please allow ample time for permit processing before requesting a status check.
  • Submit permit applications as far in advance as possible (up to 3 days for single trip and STARS permits, 60 days for annual and repetitive permits).
  • No walk-in service at the permits counter will be available on November 14 and 21 (the Fridays before the carpet replacement).

Any changes to the scheduled work or other new information will be posted here as it becomes known.  Thank you.

Effective April 11, 2013, there will no longer be visitor parking available inside the Transportation Permits Branch parking lot at 1823 14th Street in Sacramento, CA 95811.

For transportation and nearby parking options, please visit the City of Sacramento's Parking Services online. There, you will find information about Regional Transit (buses/light rail), off-street/garage parking, and metered/on-street parking. The City of Sacramento offers a Parking Facility Map for the surrounding area and FAQs for on-street parking.

If you have any questions regarding parking within the Sacramento city limits, you may contact City of Sacramento Parking Services at (916) 808-5354 or via email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding through this transition.

ELIGIBILITY To be eligible for an oversize or overweight (or "extralegal") permit, the main criterion is that the load be non-reducible, that is, that it cannot be reduced down and transported in a legal vehicle.

1 - Click on "Application Forms and Accompaniments."
2 - Select the single-trip application and the appropriate accompaniments.
3 - Click on "Interactive Application Instructions" and open the single-trip instructions.
4 - Fill out the application electronically or by hand.
5 - Fax the application to the fax number to the right.

Single-Trip Contact Info: Phone: (916) 322-1297, Fax: (916) 322-4966


1 - Click on "Application Forms and Accompaniments."
2 - Select the annual application and the appropriate accompaniments.
3 - Click on "Interactive Application Instructions" and open the annual instructions.
4 - Fill out the application electronically or by hand.
5 - Fax the application to the fax number to the right.

Annual Contact Info: Phone: (916) 322-4958, Fax: (916) 445-0469

The Caltrans Single-Trip Application and Routing System (STARS) is an automated method for customers to obtain single-trip extralegal permits.  Permit users are eligible to receive the STARS software. The STARS program significantly improves turnaround time for customers.

Variance permits are for vehicles over 15 feet in width, 17 feet or more in height, over 135 feet in length, or on special hauling equipment which exceeds the Department's standard method of weight classification.

Variance Contact Info: Phone: (916) 323-2893, Fax: (916) 322-1505


For questions about oversize and overweight permits, you may call the Permits office or click on: Permits Office.

Permits Info: Phone: (916) 322-1297


If it's determined that you are not eligible for an extralegal permit, you may contact Caltrans Legal Truck Access Branch staff to discuss legal truck size and weight requirements.

Legal Truck Access Contact Info: Phone (916) 654-5741

**PERMANENT TRUCK BAN ON SR 2** Rte 2 between I-210 (City of La Canada Flintridge) and County Route N4 (Big Pines Highway).


12-01-2014 Weekly Short Term Restrictions Update for Annual Permit Holders (pdf)
11-24-2014 Weekly Short Term Restrictions Update for Annual Permit Holders (pdf)

Request for Policy Exception (pdf) Route Classification Checklist (pdf) Red Route Summary Table Revision Checklist (pdf)
Request for Equipment Review (pdf) Route Classification Guide (pdf)  

Forms to Change Clearances or Bridge Weight Rating:
(forms can be filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat)
TR-0019: Notice of Change of Clearance or Bridge Weight Rating -- Divided Highway (Revised 12/2011) (pdf)
TR-0029: Notice of Change of Clearance or Bridge Weight Rating -- Non-Divided Highway (Revised 12/2011) (pdf)
TR-0020: Notice of Change in Vertical or Horizontal Clearance (Revised 12/2011) (pdf)

Policy Clarification Notice: Platform Trailers and Repetitive Permits:

Over the last couple of years, there seems to be some confusion about the application on two of the California Department of Transportation’s (Department’s) policies: use of platform trailers and Repetitive Permit. The following is provided to clarify these policies and ensure consistent interpretation and application.

Platform Trailers

The California Department of Transportation’s long standing policy is conventional trailers must be used when possible on California highways. This policy was discussed and agreed to by representatives of the trucking industry through the Caltrans Advisory Committee (CAC), more than 10 years ago.

However, platform trailers may be allowed only as the last resort in situations where conventional hauling equipment cannot be used. Approval to use platform type trailers requires a policy exemption. The customer is responsible for explaining why conventional hauling equipment cannot be used and providing supporting documentation.

Policy exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. If an exemption to use platform trailers is approved, the customer will be required to mitigate the impacts that platform trailers may have on California highways. This may include the following costs:

  1. Perform and assess current roadway condition (e.g. coring sample)
  2. Provide pavement analysis (stamped by a registered civil engineer)
  3. Provide restitution for the reduction in pavement service-life
  4. Provide protection for highway and bridge facilities (e.g. steel plating, blanket of asphalt concrete, etc…)
  5. Provide monitoring of pavement conditions during the move
  6. Restore state facilities to pre-move condition

To request a policy exemption, please refer to the following link:

All requests must be supported with documentation detailing or outlining the steps that the customer has taken to comply with California’s laws and the Department’s oversize and overweight policies.

Repetitive Permit

Repetitive permits are not available for variance loads.

Repetitive permits are available for vehicles or vehicle-combinations hauling a load with the following dimensions:

Height = 14' - 6" max.
Width = 12' - 0" max.
Length = 90' - 0" max.

Repetitive permits with load(s) are valid for one-way travel only. A separate permit might be required for the unladen return trip if the vehicle is extralegal in length.

Repetitive permits are valid for 90 days, and may be renewed after expiration.

Contact Permits staff for questions about transportation permits.

Revised 11/26/14