California Department of Transportation

AB 819

Bikeway Research, Experimentation, Testing, Evaluation, or Verification Related to Design Criteria

When a city, county, regional, or other local agency project is on the State highway system and/or the project utilizes federal funding, the Caltrans Construction Evaluated Program for Experimental Features procedures are to be used for the purposes of research, experimentation, testing, evaluation, or verification of a safety design criteria established pursuant to Street and Highway Code Section 890.6 and published in the Caltrans Highway Design Manual (HDM). The procedures are:

When a project under the jurisdiction of a local or regional agency is not on the State highway system and does not involve federal funding, the procedures are:

If the feature is an experimental sign, marker, or traffic control device, the procedures can be found at the website for the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC). The procedures are:

California Bicycle Facilities Committee

AB819 Implementation Memo