California Department of Transportation
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Welcome to Caltrans' Volunteer Program

Caltrans’ Volunteer Program offers non-paid training opportunities that will assist people in fulfilling their career development goals.  Participants in the program can work a variable schedule to accommodate their needs, as well as the needs of the Department.  Volunteer candidates may choose to work in a field that interests them, in which they have education, or a field they may know little about but in which they wish to gain exposure.
Volunteers may use participation in this program towards meeting experience requirements for various civil service exams.  Volunteers are not paid and cannot replace or supplant public employees.  Volunteer positions are not advertised.
If you are interested in participating as a volunteer:

  1. Email a cover letter and current résumé to
  2. Indicate what type of work experience you would like to gain. 
  3. Indicate what California location(s) in which you would be willing to volunteer.
  4. Your cover letter and résumé will be forwarded to the Volunteer Coordinator in the location(s) in which you are willing to volunteer.
  5. The Volunteer Coordinator in the location(s) you have indicated in your cover letter will then keep your information on file until a position match is determined for you.
If you are selected as a volunteer candidate the hiring supervisor will contact you directly.

Your resume and cover letter will then be submitted to the appropriate hiring authorities in the location(s) where  you indicated you are willing to work.  Those supervisors who can provide you the relevant work experience that you are seeking will then contact you.