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Before You Start

It's time to test your system's sound settings and ability to play Flash 6 files via your browser. Because the simulation includes animation with audio, we strongly recommend that you access the "sim" over a high-speed Internet connection. You can use a dial-up connection, but may experience download delays. If you can see and hear the small animation below, then you are all set. If you can see but cannot hear the small animation below, then adjust your volume settings and check whether your speakers are connected properly, until you hear the audio track contained in the animation.
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What's it all about?

You have already been through the Project Management Overview course. In that course you had a taste of making decisions based upon the precepts of project management. However, it's not quite the same as trying to execute deliverables, make tough decisions, and deal with people under time pressure. Now you have the chance.

In this simulation, again you play Durka, new project manager for planet terraforming. You'll get a stack of projects, and an interface to review data and communicate with team members and stakeholders. Your job is to try to get those deliverables executed on time, and maintain good relations all around.

Watch out for missing or out of range data, communicate with your team members (but don't be chatty), and make sure your stakeholders are kept up to date (but don't be too annoying). All the lessons you learned about communication styles in the Project Management Overview course apply here.

The simulation opens with an animated tutorial. Please remember that you can always return to the instruction section, by restarting the simulation, if you need a refresher.

After playing this simulation, you'll likely have a greater appreciation for the role of the project manager: keeping things moving, and making tough decisions. Ready for the challenge?


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