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Announcement for Local Labor Hiring Pilot Program Model Workplan (07/14/2015)

DLA-OB 15-02 "Local Agency Employee in Responsible Charge" (07/02/2015)

Announcement for Local Highway Bridge Program Training Vide (06/19/2015)

FHWA Pilot Program Webinar on 5/4/2015 (04/27/2015)

Announcement for 2015 Highway Safety Improvement Program(HSIP) and Cycle 7 Call-for Projects (04/27/2015)

COIN 15-03 "Title VI Compliance by Local Agencies" (04/24/2015)

COIN 15-02 "Protected Bikeways and Flexible Design" (04/15/2015)

COIN 15-01 "Non-Traditional (Electronic) Advertising for Contract Bids or Proposals" (03/30/2015)

2015 Active Transportation Program (ATP) Guidelines and Cycle 2 Call-for-Projects (03/27/2015)

DLA-OB 15-01 "Appropriation Year and Budget Authority" (03/12/2015)

Support for Disadvantaged Communities Workshop (D3) (03/11/2015)

Local Programs Procedures (LPP) 15-02 "Invoicing" (02/13/2015)

LPP 15-01 "Consultant Selection" (01/27/2015)



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