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Local Assistance Program Guidelines—LAPG


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List of Chapters:

LAPG Cover LAPG Binder Cover, dated on October 30, 2008
Cover Letter Cover letter, dated on December 19, 2008
Table of Contents LAPG Table of Contents, dated on April 30, 2010
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview (details on/off)
Chapter 2: Financing the Federal-Aid Highway Program (details on/off)
Chapter 3: Federal-Aid Routes & Functional Classifications (details on/off)
Chapter 4: Surface Transportation Program (STP) (details on/off)
Chapter 5: Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) (details on/off)
Chapter 6: Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation (HBRR) (details on/off)
Chapter 7: Seismic Safety Retrofit (details on/off)
Chapter 8: Transportation Enhancement Activities (TEA) (details on/off)
Chapter 9: Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) (details on/off)
Chapter 10:
Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly High Risk Rural Roads Program
Chapter 11: Emergency Relief (details on/off)
Chapter 12: Other Federal Programs (details on/off)
Chapter 13: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program (details on/off)
Chapter 14: Traffic Congestin Relief Program (TCRP) (details on/off)
Chapter 15: Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly State and Local Transportation Partnership Program (SLTPP) (details on/off)
Chapter 16: Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly Traffic Systems Management (TSM) (details on/off)
Chapter 17: Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly TSM Match Funds. (details on/off)
Chapter 18: Optional Federal Exchange and State Match Programs (details on/off)
Chapter 19: Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly Grade Separation
Chapter 20: Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM)(details on/off)
Chapter 21: Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) (details on/off)
Chapter 22: Blank (Reserved for Future Use). Formerly Other State Programs
Chapter 23: Local Agency STIP Projects (details on/off)
Chapter 24: Federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS)(details on/off)
Appendix A Financial Guidelines for Local Agency Reimbursement
Appendix B Financing the State Funded Highway Program


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