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Caltrans' Local Assistance Program oversees more than one billion dollars annually available to over 600 cities, counties and regional agencies for the purpose of improving their transportation infrastructure or providing transportation services. This funding comes from various Federal and State programs specifically designed to assist the transportation needs of local agencies. Annually, over 1,200 new projects are authorized through the Local Assistance Program of which approximately 700 are construction projects.

The Local Assistance Program, made up of the Division of Local Assistance in Headquarters and 12 District Local Assistance Offices, assist Local and Regional Agencies by ensuring specific program requirements are met, project applications are processed, and projects are delivered in accordance with Federal and State requirements. The overhead associated with providing this support is only $27 M, or 2% of the capital funds that flow through to the local agencies.

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AB 1012 Balance Reports as of December 2015 NEW

CMAQ/RSTP Monthly Activity Reports by Region as of December 2015 NEW

Delivery Reports of Formula OA Funds as of December 2015NEW

HSIP Cycle 7 list of projects as of November 2015 NEW

HPP/Demo Earmarks with Unobligated Funds Greater than $99 as of 10/01/2015 - Informational Listing NEW

FFY 2015 OA 100% Delivery Letter

AB 1012 Balance Reports as of August 2015

FHWA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on Construction Manager/General Contractor Contracting

Announcement for Local Labor Hiring Pilot Program Model Workplan (07/14/2015)

The Active Transportation Program-Technical Advisory Committee (ATP-TAC) Call for Member Nominations is open

Announcement for DLA-OB 15-02 "Local Agency Employee in Responsible Charge" (07/02/2015)

Division Chief's Letter to Local Agencies on Local Labor Hiring Program and Attachments Work Plan and Development General Requirements (05/14/2015)

FHWA Pilot Program Webinar on 5/4/2015 (04/27/2015)

Announcement for 2015 Highway Safety Improvement Program(HSIP) and Cycle 7 Call-for Projects (04/27/2015)

COIN 15-03 "Title VI Compliance by Local Agencies" (04/24/2015)

Division Chief's Letter to Local Agencies on project delivery status of Local Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and Attachment Delayed HSIP projects in Construction (03/18/2015)

FHWA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) related to assessing the condition of pavement and bridges on NHS and related NPRM Webinar

The Cycle 1 ATP Statewide and Small Urban & Rural project selection list has been posted on the DLA ATP webpage

Local Agency and Consulting Firm Conformance Review Process - Frequent Issues

CEAC Transportation Committee - 2013 Spring Conference
---> 2013 CEAC Conference Action Plan - Fact Sheet
---> 2013 CEAC Conference Action Plan - Status
---> 2013 CEAC Conference Action Plan - Team List

Transportation Co-op Committee


To report any difficulty experienced in accessing Caltrans programs, services or activities or any discriminations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, please contact us at (866)810-6346 Voice; 711 TTY; (916)653-3055 Fax.


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