California Department of Transportation

Classified Landscaped Freeways

Bluestar Memorial Highway Sign

A Classified Landscaped Freeway is a section of freeway with planting that meets the criteria of the Outdoor Advertising Regulations. It is used in the control and regulation of Outdoor Advertising Displays.


Landscaped Freeway and Outdoor Advertising Presentation

View a presentation on the Landscaped Freeway Designation and Outdoor Advertising displays.

CLS Fwy Presentation


Classified Landscaped Freeway List

View a List of Classified Landscaped Freeways by district, county, route and post mile.

View a list of Recent Changes to the Classified Landscaped Freeway List.

View a list of Landscape Freeway Questions & Answers .

Reclassification Requests

Requests to declassify or add a section of freeway to the classified freeway list should follow the format in this sample request.

Caltrans Office of Outdoor Advertising

This is the link to Caltrans Office of Outdoor Advertising web site. It includes links to the Outdoor Advertising Regulations and Outdoor Advertising Coordinators.

Visibility Improvement Requests (VIR)

Pruning for visibility to outdoor advertising is covered in Section 509 of the Encroachments Permits Manual. It includes the VIR process, VIR guidelines and 500 foot pruning limit.

Contact Information

Contact the Landscaped Freeway Coordinator.


Updated December 5, 2013