California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

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8 West Bound
Dec 04 '16 10:23:15
Caltrans - District 11 Map
E/O Sunset Cliffs/Nimitz Bl64 mph
W/O 5no data
E/O 564 mph
5 NB from 8 WB Conn63 mph
E/O Morena Bl62 mph
W/O Taylor St Off67 mph
W/O Hotel Circle65 mph
Hotel Circle65 mph
W/O 16368 mph
163 Connector70 mph
E/O 16367 mph
163 SB from 8 WB59 mph
W/O Mission Center Rd67 mph
off to 16357 mph
Mission Center Rd66 mph
W/O Texas St57 mph
Texas St64 mph
80573 mph
.5 E/O 805no data
W/O 1566 mph
E/O 1567 mph
Fairmount Ave68 mph
W/O Waring Rd62 mph
Waring Rd69 mph
College Ave65 mph
E/O College Ave67 mph
70th St/Lake Murray Bl63 mph
E/O 70th/Lk Murray58 mph
Fletcher Pkwy68 mph
Spring St64 mph
Jackson Dr71 mph
La Mesa Blvd75 mph
Severin Dr72 mph
E/O Severin Dr65 mph
El Cajon Blvd/Chase Ave64 mph
West Main St67 mph
Johnson Ave68 mph
Magnolia Ave66 mph
W/O 6764 mph
Mollison Ave61 mph
E/O Mollison60 mph
2nd St66 mph
East Main St62 mph
E/O East Main St62 mph
Greenfield Dr66 mph
E/O Greenfield Dr63 mph
W/O Los Coches Rd70 mph
Los Coches Rd65 mph
E/O Los Coches Rd62 mph
W/O Lk Jennings Pk Rd63 mph
Lake Jennings Park Rd63 mph