California Department of Transportation District 11 ­ San Diego & Imperial Counties

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5 North Bound
Nov 28 '14 05:18:15
Caltrans - District 11 Map
1 Mi S/O Aliso Creek Rest Area75 mph
1 Mi N/O Sta Margarita River72 mph
N/O Santa Margarita River74 mph
N/O Harbor Dr75 mph
Harbor Dr50 mph
7647 mph
Mission Ave54 mph
Oceanside Blvd51 mph
Cassidy St57 mph
S/O 7873 mph
S/O Las Flores Drno data
N/O Tamarack Ave71 mph
Agua Hedionda Lagoon72 mph
Cannon Rd55 mph
Palomar Airport Rd54 mph
N/O Poinsettia Ln72 mph
Poinsettia Ln58 mph
N/O Batiquitos Lagoon75 mph
La Costa Ave54 mph
N/O Leucadia75 mph
Leucadia Blvd51 mph
N/O Encinitas Blvd73 mph
Encinitas Blvd51 mph
S/O Encinitas Blvd74 mph
Santa Fe Dr52 mph
S/O Santa Fe Dr75 mph
Birmingham Dr51 mph
N/O Vista View Pointno data
Manchester Ave57 mph
S/O Manchester74 mph
Lomas Santa Fe Dr56 mph
Via de la Valle57 mph
San Dieguito River73 mph
N/O Del Mar Heights75 mph
Del Mar Heights Rd58 mph
S/O Del Mar Heightsno data
Carmel Valley Rd to 5 NB68 mph
S/O 5664 mph
bypass Carmel Mtn Rd68 mph
N/O Carmel Mtn Rd58 mph
S/O 5/805 Mergeno data
Bypass S/O 5/805 Mergeno data
N/O Genessee67 mph
Genessee Ave62 mph
La Jolla Village Drno data
Nobel Dr64 mph
Gilman Dr72 mph
Rte 5265 mph
S/O 5271 mph
Mission Bay Dr59 mph
Balboa Ave64 mph
Mission Bay Dr74 mph
Clairemont Dr56 mph
S/O Clairemont Dr60 mph
Sea World Dr54 mph
S/O Sea World Dr67 mph
S/O 861 mph
Old Town/Moore68 mph
S/O Old Town Ave68 mph
Washington St/San Diego Ave65 mph
India Stno data
N/O Pacific Hwyno data
S/O Pacific Hwyno data
Hawthorn St60 mph
1st Aveno data
N/O 163no data
Park Blvdno data
B St59 mph
9463 mph
Imperial Ave63 mph
National Ave63 mph
S/O 1564 mph
N/O 8th St74 mph
N/O Civic Center Dr70 mph
E St72 mph
H St69 mph
J St72 mph
L St64 mph
Palomar St67 mph
Main St57 mph
Palm Ave75 mph
Coronado Ave62 mph
N/O 90567 mph
Dairy Mart Road64 mph
Via de San Ysidro47 mph